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Civil Weddings



At the Municipality of Idalion, Civil Marriages are held in accordance with the provisions of the Marriage Law 104(I)/2003.


Interested parties must personally contact Idalion Town Hall in order to be informed regarding all necessary certificates and documents they need to provide in order to perform their marriage.


In order to register the Application for Civil Marriage, interested parties must arrange an appointment and present themselves before the Marriage Officer of the Municipality of Idalion, and provide all the necessary documents and certificates.


Civil Marriages can solemnized between Cypriot nationals, between Cypriot and foreign nationals and between foreign nationals.


Foreign nationals must have legally entered and are legally resident in the Republic of Cyprus.


The date of a Civil Marriage is determined after taking into consideration the preferences of the applicants:


1.     By the marriage notification procedure, where the marriage takes place 15 days after the date of registration of their Application, but not later than 3 months (Part III, par.6(2) of the Marriage Law).




2.     By shortening the procedure, if the Marriage Officer considers that there are reasons to shorten the procedure.  Marriage may take place earlier than the fifteen days from the date of registration of their Application (Part III, par.7) of the Marriage Law).


Applications for Civil Marriages are accepted every Tuesday, after the interested parties have arranged an appointment first.


For more information/clarifications regarding the documents and the wedding process, as well as arranging an appointment for the submission of an Application, please contact at phone no. 22444888/22444892 or email: cultural@dali.org.cy